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Ganesh Particle, Tree of Life...??

I dunno if anyone else has seen any of this, but apparently, this microbiologist from area 51, allegedly, has come forward and is seeking immunity in our dealings with designer viruses and communication with an apparently intelligent, light generating particle nicknamed the ganesh particle...i know it sounds weird, and a mouth/earful, but you should read this, if its a hoax, its awfully elaborate and confusing...which occams razor to me means it is the truth...i dunno...




and finally:


this stuff is supposedly WAY black ops, and it sounds it. the weird thing is that this stuff waxes and wanes over the last few years, but in the last 4 months or so, it has exploded again, as apparently this guy is alive again, even though many have thought him dead for a while. anyway, now the main site, which had literally a few dozen pages of photocopies pages you could read on it, in highly techno-jargon internal slang language, www.eaglesdisobey.com, is down and out. for at least a month. sigh. well here is what i have, lemme know what you all think.


I'm not impressed. Is there actually any evidence?

You say its simpler that it be true than a convoluted hoax?

What is more miraculous? That Ganesh Particles, Aliens, and Government DNA manipulation all exist and are real? Or that someone wrote a story about them?

I'm thinking its a bit harder to believe its true than that someone was able to imagine it and write it down.

Come on, admit it, it sounds completely mad.

To start with. A subatomic particle cannot have any intelligence. All particles are the same, there is no way to tell the difference between one electron and the next one. They contain no internal structure, and are far too small to contain any information. Not even a butterfly is big enough to have a complex enough brain to be "intelligent" by our standards. A subatomic particle would be just plain dumb considering it is a billion times smaller.

Plus, how do you "see" something that is A billionth of a billionth of a meter across? How much light could possibly be emitted from a single particle? A few photons per second? Are you really going to see that? What powers this emission of light? Wouldn't such a particle violate the laws of thermodynamics?

Anyway, if this guy had even a shred of real evidence, the legitimate press would be all over this. But they're not. I wonder why.

i dunno

i dunno, there are two things that make me think this is real.

1) as you pretty much stated, this is a mad mad thing. it is insane, and just utterly ridicukous at times, and i will admit i thought that as well at first, but then i started looking into it, and unfortunately the awesome links at eaglesdisobey.com are gone, but that information was interesting and seemed way to genuine based on vocab, etc, to be contrived.

2) i have been looking into the superstring theory in detail, and something in that theory and this ganesh particle stuff just strikes a chord with me. i dont know. http://superstringtheory.com/index.html
This post is absolutely riveting. Having studied a lot of the literature on secret government treaties with aliens, and having previously read from other sources about a treaty which involves permission to experiment on humans, or to remove/borrow genetic material from earth life-forms, in exchange for some very specific technological assistance (weapons, advanced propulsion, etc.), this at least fits with what I've read, and has a certain ring to it, where there has to be some common genesis of thought.

People call things that are different from their everyday experience "far-fetched" or "preposterous". But if we look at what constitutes something far-fetched, I think we arrive at a definition of something very different, unusual, never before seen, as opposed to something impossible, or even unlikely.

As humans, I think there's a certain arrogance in our inability to accept that we don't know everything, that what we don't understand or experience is therefore impossible.

There is a whole Universe out there, maybe many Universes. What we doknow is that there is at least one huge one that contains billions and billions of galaxies which in turn contain billions and billions of stars and planets. We occupy a tiny corner of the known Universe, have not even ventured off our planet, except to go to the moon, have existed a relatively short time on this earth, are rather barbaric and self-destructive creatures, and we haven't figured out a hell of a lot.

We don't know how not to destroy ourselves and our planet, we don't know how to cure the worst diseases on the planet, or how to feed all the inhabitants, or how not to overpopulate and overtax our resources, or if there is a God, or where we really came from. We sit around watching "reality TV" while the real reality threatens to end our species.

Can we really say we know what's possible and what isn't? In the big scheme of things, we don't even know how to tie our shoes yet.

I'm sure there is intelligent life out there. I'm sure there are amazing things we know nothing about, but someday will. I'm sure some of the intelligent life that must certainly exist, are older species and therefore more advanced that us. Given that, is it so much of a stretch that some of them may have crossed our paths already, and may be at work with some of our own kind on mutual projects?

Oh, and I don't think that the article said the particles were sub-atomic. It just said particles, and since the project was being conducted by microbiologists (who don't usually work at the sub-atomic level), it's conceivable that the author was referring to some other kind of particle.

Very very interesting. Thanks for the post.
What is that union thing from?
Is there any evidence of anyone knowing about this petrocil 4 or working with it? Maybe soldiers or scientists?
Sorry, that was an elaborate hoax. Ted Bell is the author, and I suggest reading the document, for the pure fun of it, but it's obviously a hoax. A beautiful, lovingly crafted, minutely detailed, hoax. He calls himself an "information alchemist".
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