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Been Here Before?

nemtetsemnewty in below_topsecret

Hello real world......what is happening here.....Did the lj I know fall into another dimension?

Is this journal active or not...?

All I can read is ONTD Political.
What happened to the rest of the Journals here.......hundreds and hundreds of community journals..


Wow! Welcome back to a true founding member of this community! We're not the ATS of years gone by, had to change the name over threat of a lawsuit, and not as much time lately, but we're still here. It's an honor to have you visit.

Well it's a long story

I had to make sure that a member of my biological family could not find me and that meant disappearing from the net and cyberspace.

He and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and even when we do seem to agree on something, chances are we really don't because although we speak the same language the meanings we attribute to words and concepts are often vastly different.
Our memories of events in our lives together is vastly different and our mutual history of pain seems to be a barrier over which I cannot seem to cross. K? follow???

I had left my computer with this person a while back when I last saw him. He broke the password lock I had on it, damaged the windows program itself and made it impossible for me to use the computer once I got it back.

I also know that this person copied all my passwords to individual accounts, learned my e-mail addresses and worse than all that, printed out private, my eyes only lj entries related to him and threatened to use them against me......not that he could. He admitted it and was proud of what he did.

The entire affair made me go very deep underground and made privacy a key issue for me.

I wish this person well and want him to be happy but not at the cost of my own happiness.

The weird thing about this is that while my mother was alive he did not consider me to be 'family' but now that she is no longer among the living, he suddenly realized I am the only family member left. It's me or nothing. I choose nothing.
For while my mother was alive he made it very clear that I knew I was nothing to him. He now says he said it all in anger and did not mean any of what he said.
If it was only his words, yes, I might believe it.....but his actions were always in alignment with his words...so...
Anyway, I am back....never left.....just went very low......you could say below top secret......

So why did you not change the title to something like For Your Eyes Only:Above Top Secret.

They could not have touched that title could they. Curious.

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Re: Well it's a long story

I am an intense metal cat. If you know anything about Chinese astrology,you know what I mean. Even though I am an Aries Cat,I often do come off as being a Scorpio cat without being a Scorpio cat-weird but true... This is simply because I have so many planets in the 8th House and so many aspects both there..... and in the 12th house.

Keep that in mind.

I don't like intimidation.
Threats of a lawsuit is INTIMIDATION.

So what to do..?

Skirt the intent in this case: don't allow someone to tell you what Name you can call your journal.

Think like a code maker and code breaker.

One thing I have learned, in the world of espionage.....words can be read backwards,forwards, upside down or upright.

With this in mind, EVOBA the Secret: For Your Eyes ONLY seems to be a very good way to keep Your Name yet follow their rules.

You might also create a Journal Title Header using the EVOBA top Secret:For YOUR EYES Only title.

Use the backward font... on the word 'EVOBA' maybe Caligraph421_BT on everything else. I think that would look very cool..
If you use it it can make EVOBA look like it's spelled ABOVE.
Creative editing is the word here You would be following the actual rules while breaking them too. Above Top Secret.org could not touch you.

What do you think?

Well, it was so long and involved I don't really want to go through another change. I'm sure you know the website www.abovetopsecret.com. They've definitely been around longer than my ATS, and wanted me to either change the name or put a disclaimer on every page. Not having a team of lawyers at my disposal, I caved.