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Below Top Secret

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Intelligence Community Issues
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News and opinion about the intelligence community.
Disclaimer: This community is in no way related to the website Above Top Secret, but it's a good AWESOME site, and we consider it one of many the best resources for material of interest to this community.

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Posting guidelines:

1. Our areas of interest include the intelligence community (foreign and U.S.), espionage (including tradecraft, practices, and political ramifications), secrecy policy, the Freedom of Information Act, terrorism and counterterrorism, and conspiracy theory. We can't be all things to all people, and some posts may be better suited to other communities.

From time to time I or one of the maintainers may respectfully refer people back to the guidelines. Likewise repeat offenders may occasionally find their posts deleted if they are totally off topic.

2. While we enjoy heated discussion and debate, we don't tolerate flaming. Flamers or rude posts will generally be given one warning before being banned. In the case of longer term members who have made consistent contributions to the excellence of the community, a somewhat more tolerant stand may be taken. Likewise with maintainers.

2. I would like our community be known for accuracy and quality, but don't take this to mean that there is no place for conjecture, theories, opinions, and speculation. However please try not to state opinion as fact, and it should be fairly clear which category your post or comment falls into.

In commenting on posts, bring facts to bear if you disagree, or at the very least, state the reasons for your opinion intelligently.

3. Quoted materials should list the source unless it would be a breach of confidentiality. Often copyrighted sources give permission to copy their materials, or may, state on their site that copying is permitted if credit is given. Even if you do ignore copyrights, you are less likely to get into trouble if you credit the source. Any copyright infringements are the sole responsibility of the person posting and not this community.

4. Please place long posts behind a cut. If you don't know how to do this, refer to the LJ Help area.

5. Please refrain from using unusually large fonts. They're unnecessary and tiresome.

6. Please keep pics to a reasonble size and resolution in consideration of those with lower bandwidth.

7. There is one more, and it's more of a wish than a rule. If posts (not comments) have a subject line, it helps greatly in archiving the posts. Since we archive virtually all posts, it speeds the process. For those who wish to use the bracketed [topic] indicators as well, you totally rock.

The above listed guidelines should be taken as just that and not a straightjacket to prevent us all from having fun, using humor, or bringing your personality to the community. Thank-you and have fun.

The community maintainers are:

mad_jamison (Tim): founder/director, senior intelligence analyst areas of interest include intelligence history, intelligence reform, secrecy policy, bioweapons, nuclear weapons, counter-terrorism, tradecraft, middle east studies.

3nemyofthestate: senior security specialist; specializes in physical security, network security, logical security. Interests include national security topics, intelligence operations, cryptography, open source intelligence, terrorism studies.

derek2600: director for advanced technology research; Derek covers new technologies, military operations, space defense systems, UFOs, especially in the New Mexico area.

nemtetsemnewty: design editor, benefactor;beloved founding member, designed the overall look and layout of this community, has made generous financial contributions to our paid account which will keep us running well into the future.

ratkrycek: Friend and archivist. Interest in "out there". Insider connection with richard_cheney.

scottopic: director of counter-narcotics operations doing double-duty in advanced technology research. Scott is a very enthusiastic and energetic contributor.




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Enjoy and please come back regularly!

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